Account Live password reset process

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Account Live password reset process

Beitragvon marciezell » Di 30. Jul 2019, 08:22

Are you unable to sign in to Account Live? There is a possibility that you are making mistake while entering your password. However, if you have already verified it twice, then execute the Account Live password reset process to gain the access of your account back. To start with the Account Live com password reset process, you have to visit, enter your registered email address or phone number, and click Next. You will receive a password reset code on your email address or contact number. Check the same, and type it on the next page of Account Live password reset. You will be able to set a new password for your account. While doing so, make sure you choose a strong one, which is hard to crack but easy to remember. Moreover, type the new password twice to confirm. Click Submit or Save to finish the process. You can now access Account Live by using your existing email and this new password.
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Account Live password reset process

Beitragvon Kamwaymn » Mo 12. Aug 2019, 08:18

Im trying to reset the password on my old EBP forum account, but despite several attempts, I never seem to get the e-mail to my GMail address. It definitely isnt making it through - not even to the Spam folder on GMail - so is there some technical issue with e-mails being sent out from the forum?

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