How to recover kaspersky activation code?

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How to recover kaspersky activation code?

Beitragvon sophieturner067 » Do 11. Jul 2019, 12:38

Use an updated web browser and visit to locate your Kaspersky activation code
Create an account on the website and in ‘My Kaspersky account’and you will find the option to enter your Kaspersky activation code. Please note that only registered users will have the access to the code.On a different PC where Kaspersky is pre-installed and activated, you can collect the License Number.Check for your order it is was purchased from the the purchase is from a retail store and you could not find the code, connect to Kaspersky customer services.If your Kaspersky Activation Code is not working or invalid, you might need to renew the code. If your code has not been used but you are still having trouble while activating, receive Kaspersky customer services to fix any error.
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Re: How to recover kaspersky activation code?

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