How to install Windows 10

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How to install Windows 10

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If you don’t want to upgrade from an existing Windows 10 installation on your PC, then you can visit Software Download Website to download official Windows 10 install media. You can download whatever version of Windows 10 is preferable as per your computing needs. Create your installation media using either a DVD or USB drive and perform a clean installation.

On Windows 10 PC, a clean installation is the finest option to remove everything from the internal hard drive. You can start a fresh to install windows 10 new version to resolve any performance or other issues that your system is experiencing. It helps your PC to get rid of unwanted files, infected data and viruses’ altogether. If you’re planning to upgrade from an older edition of Windows 10 install, a clean installation from scratch will serve you with best available features to revitalize your Windows 10 install PC.
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